Today I Learned: How Not To Die On A Bike

Drove my bike down my path to work for the first time, in the middle of the night.  Another first was having a whole trip where I didn’t stall out.  Slow progress.

The exit I usually take back home off Garden State Parkway was closed for construction tonight, and I got somewhat lost…

I tried following some signs for my home town but somehow ended up in some shady looking community.  That was a pretty awful feeling, and I just kept going straight until finally I saw some signs for a familiar highway.

I’ve always found it scary going through unfamiliar roads but it was much worse on a bike for me.  On top of not knowing what intersections to expect ahead, I just feel vulnerable without car doors surrounding me.

The things I specifically tried today were rev-matching downshifts and reliably setting off from a stand still.  I also ran into what I’m pretty sure was a pressure-driven traffic light.  Had to make a left turn through a red light.  First time for everything?

Edit Reviewing my memory, I realized I was wrong; I DID stall out last night, but I thought it was somewhat forgivable so I forgot it.  I was at a light on a hill and my visor was open a crack (I had opened it earlier because it started fogging up).  I wanted to close it, and I started to use my right hand, releasing the brake.  I began rolling, so I switched hands knowing that releasing the clutch there would kill the engine.  In retrospect I could have just used the rear brake and let go of the front brake…

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