Today’s Thoughts

Implement 4 part backdrops: ground, foreground, background, staticground
(In order of movement speed)
[Stage Type]
[ground content|foreground content|background content|static content]

Street + adjacent buildings|buildings behind|mountains + clouds,|crescent moon+stars+sky

Foremost trees|Background trees|rearmost trees|gibbous moon+stars+sky

Wood panel floor + wall (Single element)

Wood panel floor + wall(Single element)

Wood panel floor + railing|(nothing)|mountains+clouds|full moon+stars+sky


Fix Enemy Poses
Have a default pose located at the hip, not the foot

Polygonal bullet?  Alpha Blended?  Additive?

Increase bullet resolution 2x, or convert to 3d model

Allow specification of bullet Z for 3d effect

Don’t make 3d bullet; makes bullet fade much more difficult; just increase resolution+quality

Increase camera angle to increase field of view: 70? 90?

Foreground top and bottom should fade to either black or sky

Begin spell pattern catalog

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