High Power Military Assault Rifles

Some investments went well, picked up some new high power military assault rifles.  Okay, a little tongue in cheek there.  It’s funny when I hear that sort of thing said about AR-15 rifles.

I feel a little like a girl making posts on tumblr about her food or something.

A Model 1895 Mauser, manufactured in Berlin for use in Chile.

Some of the markings on the receiver.  I don’t actually know what the crest means.

A No. 1 Mk. 3 Lee Enfield, marked Lithgow, 1918.  It was actually converted to fire a 410 ball cartridge, made up of what seems to be a .303 case and a ball at the end.

Last is the M39 Mosin Nagant, a Finnish model.  Marked VKT, Valtion Kivaaritehdas, dated 1941.

All of them together-


I used to think Enfields were the only rifle that was really attractive, but my mind’s been changing on that lately.

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