Today I Learned: Locks are really disappointing

So, I locked myself out of my gun cabinet a while ago. As in, I lost the keys. I need to move the cabinet soon so it’s kind of a big deal, but instead of taking a crowbar or saw to it, or contacting the manufacturer for a replacement key (requires a notarized request form, ugh), I decided on an alternative.

Time to add another ‘hobby’ on my ever growing list of, ‘things I tried for a while and never got good at’. Lockpocking!

I ordered some really cheap made in China lockpick sets and a couple locks, and I gotta say, I thought the barrier of entry would be higher.

I’ve read about how pin and tumbler locks and how to pick them several times, but never actually tried until today. But it’s suprising and pretty disappointing how easily some locks open by just jingling a pick in it randomly. As in, half the times I picked the locks I had, they opened without me making a very conscious effort to imagine the pins or the lock’s internals.

I still have yet to try my cabinet, but I think I should be fine. The things that gave me trouble were small locks.