Today I Learned: You can’t buy a M1-22 in NJ

Shame on me, I guess.

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I really wanted one, but I was having trouble finding anyone give a CONCRETE testimony that you can’t buy the CHIAPPA M1-22 in NJ.  I did see things about a Citadel M1, and things in 9mm and obviously .Well, here it is.  You can’t.  And, ostensibly, you should feel bad for wanting one in the state of NJ.

I got a call today from the FFL, and they said NJ State Police have identified it as substantially identical (yeah, whatever) to the M1 Carbine that is found on NJ’s assault weapon ban list.


I knew there was a chance that would happen when I ordered this, but I really, REALLY didn’t want to believe it.

The Colt AR-15 is banned in NJ.  ‘Avtomat Kalashnikov type’ rifles are banned in NJ.  Yet, I can buy an AR-15 in NJ.  I can buy a WASR in NJ.  I can buy a VEPR in NJ.  They will fire the EXACT SAME CARTRIDGE as the banned weapons, in the exact same manner.  They will (potentially) look EXACTLY the same.  This is allowed.  (???)

The M1 Carbine (Caliber .30) is banned in NJ.  I ordered a 22LR look-alike, which, (sorry Chiappa I generally find myself liking your stuff) in all likelyhood, is less reliable than my Ruger 10-22.  The cartridge is completely different.  The operating parts are, by extension, all different and entirely non-interchangeable.

It’s not allowed???  Excuse me for wanting a tasteful looking rifle, NJ.  I guess I should stick with AKs, huh?