daily update

getting really lazy – progress was slow today.  hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow


but for the past few days development is constant but very incremental; i usually make a huge list of things I still need to do every day, but only actually do one or two each day

right now i’d LIKE to start logging it more actively here, but we’ll see how that turns out.  Haven’t done a great job keeping up so far.

Tested the game on android, it moved way too quickly for some reason.  I just modified the move speed when reacting to touches but that’s really not sufficient and i’ll have to solve the problem properly eventually

‘finished’ state machine, fixed android move speed

getting really lazy – progress was slow today.  hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow but for the past few days development is constant but very incremental; i usually make a huge list of things I still need to do every day, but only actually do one or two each day right now i’d LIKE to start logging it more actively here, but we’ll see how that turns out.  Haven’t done a great job keeping up so far. Tested the game on android, it moved way too quickly for some reason.

NG+ Isn’t Retarded

I take back what I said before. But it may just be because I decided to make a hex/faith build, and by faith I mean wrath of the gods

Working on a game kind of like encarta Mind Maze

Of course it’s touhou themed

Released UFO game on april 20

Closing In On Release, Oh God I Need Something New

So much for posting regular progress

but April is the planned release month for the UFO game that I stopped and started up again

Lot of time playing dark souls, man these guys look awesome
NG+ is retarded

Using Unity

Back to making endless runners but this time using Unity. Got really tired of spending time creating workaround after workaround; wanted to try it since it seems I won’t have to thinking at all as far as graphics programming goes.


Completed today:
Simple bounded character movement (left to right, with deceleration)
Item spawning in set ‘lanes’
Particle spawning on coin collection

Libgdx Progress 2

Made more stuff for this game, the Ogre XML loader wouldn’t work on android so I used the .g3dt exporter for Libgdx. Used blender 2.59, and had to make a small change to the export script since it didn’t work immediately for me. I forgot exactly, but someone had the same problem, in a way. There was something wrong with some values that looked something like ‘faces’ and ‘tessfaces’ and another set that dealt with UVs. He replaced faces with tessfaces, but my script had tessfaces already and blender was having problems recognizing tessfaces so I just put in ‘faces’ instead, and it happened to work.

So now I’ve put in most of the place holders.  The logo for the splash screen:


Models for the player, enemies, player-fired shots, and enemy-fired bullets


And I’m currently working on the backdrop:


Scene with the sky, ground, and tree


I don’t have a screenshot now and I’m too lazy to get one since I’m about to go to sleep but the ground can be imported into the game just fine.  I’m not going to spend much more time on the backdrop, or at least I’m not planning to as of right now.  I want to focus on getting everything looking coherent, and replacing the really obvious placeholder graphics.  I still don’t have a title either.  I’ll work on that, I’ll probably make it very similar to my last project’s title.  That last project’s title screen looked so much cooler though.  The swaying bamboo and the moon beams, I’m not sure if I’m up to putting that much effort into this one too.  Probably just show falling snow particles and that’s it, and maybe a moon through clouds while scattering light for a similar effect.

Still haven’t made the actual game any more complex.  It’s just endless spawns that shoot you in the same manner the entire time.  I’m not too worried about making at least a little improvement on game play though.  It plays out easily in my head.  Oh, two things I haven’t figured out: I haven’t sorted out fading the screen in and out, and I haven’t got transparent textures.  Those things sound somewhat related, at least in terms of results.  Or maybe not.  It’s at least vaguely similar when taking into account… nevermind.  Fading the screen, I’ve found, is a colossal pain.  For me, at least.  I think I’ve seen a couple times that people make a function that will execute after a certain delay.  So, the screen will fade out, and when the fade is done, the screens switch, or whatever happens when the screen is supposed to be faded.  I think I’ve had a go at it a couple times and it’s always no fun.  I should look into how people do it in more depth.

It runs surprisingly smooth on my phone.  I guess I underestimated modern smartphone’s power.  Or maybe I’m underestimating the load the game will put on it when I’m all finished.

I always feel like I’ve forgotten to mention something when I’m about to end a post.  I’m … oh, right.  There was this song that really caught my ear.  I looped it for quite a few times, partly because I liked it, partly because I was too lazy to find something else.

Progress, or lack thereof

Money? I don't owe you any

A small update…

I really haven’t moved very far from where I was last. I made indicator bars (Health bars, but they don’t show health), and finally added a graze box and hit box, so now I check against those instead of checking against the player model for hits. I’ve had the hit box for a while, but there was some funky problem where I couldn’t check for collisions against it for some reason. I resolved it by just putting all of the geometry objects in the main class instead of having them as instance variables of the player object. I’m sure that’s a bad thing, and the problem is probably a misunderstanding of how the engine I’m using works. Don’t care. Any game I make after this will almost certainly not use this code anyway.

The problem is: it looks like, well, shit. I think there’s a core problem with this game project. I want it to have a 3rd person view with the camera closely following the player, but I also want it to be close to 2d shooters where the bullets that hit you will only be on one plane. Ostensibly, if it’s going to be a ‘bullet hell’ game, there will be a lot of side to side movement with frequent changes in direction. Now, here’s my problem: go fire up a game, any game with a third person view, and either rapidly press one direction, both directions, or if you have a joy stick, rotate the movement stick in a circle. It’ll probably look terrible, with the character repeatedly cycling through transition poses (Not Assassin’s Creed, though. Or at least, I think. I don’t remember. Just to be an asshole this is one of the first things I do when I play a game, to see how the devs handle the player jerking around. I think it was Assassin’s creed that impressed me when I did this, but maybe it was another game. In any case, AC’s animations and the way the player character moved was damn beautiful. Too bad I didn’t really enjoy the game). Usually that doesn’t matter, because you usually don’t need to do that. But in STGs, you might. So what do I do? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just make the camera reaaally far away.

One solution that involves changing how the game works would be to change everything back to having everything just move vertically (forward in this case), and make it look like Master Afterburner on a flat plane. With the game like this, the left/right direction animations can be more subtle, and all I’d have to do is rotate the character model a bit, with a lot less overall movement. That would mean no more radial nonsense, but I was kind of set on making the game ‘radial.’ Damn it…
Looks like there’s not much else to do.

Alice Model Draft

What? what hands.. Stop asking

What basically amounts to a re-texture, I’m trying to maximize the amount of copy-paste I do when it comes to the models for now.

I have the basic form for all of Reimu’s Stage 4 midboss fight, I’ll work on making it not undodgeable sometime later. I want to work on the rest of the GUI first. It just doesn’t look as good as I plan it will when I make a sketch of a menu and translate it into something digital on Gimp.

A small outpost on the edge of the map

Also, just realized you can scroll to change the tile resolution in Dwarf Fortress. Wow, oh wow. Some poor wood burner who JUST migrated in went and locked himself in one of my craft workshops. What does a wood burner even ask for? I know he’s going to ask for some craft items, but I wonder if dwarves can lock themselves in furnaces or stills. I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure someone has. Heard a story about a bunch of dwarves killing each other after a loyalty cascade, and the dwarves left appended the dead dwarves’ last names to theirs. Holy shit.

Still working on background mechanics…

I've been using a top-down view while editing the bullet patterns, so I was surprised how unplayable it looks from this perspective

Progress is kind of pitifully slow…
It doesn’t help that I recently started playing Persona 3 on the PC, hopefully I can keep myself from finishing it. At least for now.
Finally sorted out that massive slowdown issue, and performance is up to a passable state. I was adding things to the scene on every update because I got sloppy and forgot to think about where I was putting things. Made collisions with the bullets go over smoother, I wasn’t removing them correctly. It seems I can comfortably have about 3000 bullets out. I was really frustrated before when things would grind to a halt with 300-400 bullets, but everything seems fine now.

Goes out from the center..

You can see the ‘bullet shadow’ I’m making by just sitting there.

Flows back in towards the center

The code to make this happen is still awful. Don’t want to talk about it

Goes outward

Suddenly it became really interesting to think about how the bullet patterns in existing STGs are created, and the exact functions that would create the forms you see. I’m sticking with sine, cosine, and exponential functions for now. I still have bullet tracking to do, but I’ve done that in an Asteroids clone I made, so I’m not too worried about how that will work.
I was reading on the web about how many games never get finished, and I see it myself a lot while browsing through random forums. I have so many ideas that I’ve been thinking up of lately (I really want to make a game about trading and having a world with some economics system), but I’ve doubled my resolve to finish this first.. whenever that will be. Right now it feels like I never will, hah.

After the weekend

Went snowboarding with my friends for a friend’s birthday.  Snowboarding hurts quite a bit when you don’t know how to do it…

I wrote a small demo program to read .txt files so I can put game events there instead of hard-coding everything.  I thought about looking more into how Danmakufu has things set up, but until I get so far in this that I need to worry about that, I’ll put it off.  It follows  a simple format with commands like [TIME]:[ACTION]:[ARGUMENTS], and special key words like [END], I’ll use what I learned writing that in my game.

No, I'm not talking about who's the fool...

I also cleaned up the dialogue system and added some placeholder portraits.  The way the dialogue elements are drawn is the same as for the pause menu, so I was able to fix both things at the same time.  I suppose the next thing I’ll do is finally replace the ugly ground and sky.