One Last Time?


Title Screen Mockup

I’d really imagine that my ideal is to explore something new (finally) but… I think I’ve grown too comfortable using this style and set of ideas.  I suppose the post title means-  After this one rehash-y project I resolve to do something completely unrelated to what I’ve done so far.  I’ve said that a couple times though.  We’ll see how it plays out

3rd Time Making This

3rd Time Making This

What I tell myself now is: Do one project in this vein that brings me enough satisfaction to not want to do something similar again
The past two were mostly Unity practice, so neither were very gratifying

It’s funny, what really got me going was this –

Things start to kick in at around 1:15.  Listening to it put a lot of ideas in my head and drove me to start another project quickly.

I’ll just call it Pure Chromatic Bloom

The idea is kind of similar to Midnight Sun; fighting several bosses in succession, with several patterns each.  The mechanic is – having a stamina bar, and having to reflect enemy bullets by slashing at the bullets.  I suppose you could also attack directly but the patterns should make that the unfavorable situation.  At least, most of the time.  6 planned stages; just like last time.  After the previous projects I’m hoping my approach will be much more systematic compared to all that messing around in jME.

I really only started this weekend and somehow I’ve still managed to get excited on doing/finishing this.  I didn’t put thought into it earlier, but it seems this line of stuff has come full circle, with Midnight Sun being the first big project