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Today I Learned: Bike Cable Management

Bike is alive again!

The LED controller allowed for several colors, but I only liked red and white (maybe light purple).

First time removing the fairings, and the fuel tanks.  While I didn’t have the new fuel tank, my bike sat there naked for maybe a week.  I did play around with the LEDs, confirming that they work, and imagining where they would go.

The first thing I replaced was the shift lever.  It was bent out of shape, and I questioned the integrity of the little metal frame the peg was mounted on.  The left foot peg was bent out of shape as well.  I bought a factory new shift lever, and a used left peg + shift assembly someone must have taken out of their own bike.  The used assembly had a bent shift lever too, but it’s not like I ever planned to use it.  The rubber sleeve that goes over the lever was pretty hard to get on.  The replacement was really quick though.  Screws in, screws out.  I’m glad the damage was on things that were replaceable.  The tank dent hurt, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be sorted out.

The new tank just got delivered today, and I spent all evening putting it in and wiring up the LEDs, and replacing the fairings.  As with anything I was a little haphazard with the LED locations, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Had my first ride out since the crash.  It was awful.  I locked the rear tire while switching gears too quickly at least once, I had a lot of throttle with the clutch held in, and I’m now pretty scared of leaning in turns.  Where I used to have complete faith I wouldn’t fall over when turning, I now picture myself sliding out every time I lean.  It’s almost like starting all over again.

The oil is due for a change, so I’ll have to take care of that sometime this week, or weekend.  I need to make shells for this weekend as well… the Garden State Grand.

Today I Learned: How Not To Die On A Bike Part II

Okay, I think I normally keep the amount of swearing down here, but I think I need to make an exception.  Don’t FUCKING drive the bike in the rain.  Maybe other people can handle it.  I definitely fucking can’t.

Above is the damage to the bike, damage to my clothing, and the location.  All in all, it was a pretty tame first crash, I think.  I was going maybe 35 MPH around the bend, leaned a little too far I guess, and had a low side bike drop.  It almost went across a divider with a more active stream of cars.  My bike was lying around the corner so I was pretty terrified someone would come barreling down the bend and just end my existence.

It was a left turn, so the bike should have slid along it’s left side, but I’m not all that sure what happened.  I don’t even remember the bike’s orientation on the ground when I picked it up.  It’s funny how stress makes you feel much stronger, usually I can’t pull the bike up, I have to push it up, but here I just yanked it off the ground like I was going to die.  In fairness I believed I could have.

The left foot peg is bent upward, and something has bent into the path of the gear shift very slightly.  It’s still usable though.  Then there’s that huge dent on the top right of the fuel tank.  Both mirrors were folded all the way in, so I think the bike was face down on the left, then right side… somehow.  Maybe it flipped over something.

As soon as I felt the bike lose grip I felt just resigned.  I don’t think there was much time to panic coherently.  I saw the sparks flying, and didn’t form a thought until I stopped.  That’s when the fear of getting hit shot through me; the pain of the crash itself was very minor.  I almost considered just wearing a shirt today.  I ended up with some scrapes that didn’t even draw blood.

A valuable lesson.  I’m glad the biggest cost I have to worry about is the repairs, not limbs.  I’d like to imagine my dog missed me more than usual but he’s just always like that.


I tried to start the bike again as soon as I got to the sidewalk, but it wouldn’t start and I figured it was just inoperable.  I also tried to get it into neutral but thought the gear shift was busted, so I just walked it for maybe 50 yards with the clutch in.

Eventually I realized that neither the did the gear shift break nor was the bike un-start-able.  The quick engine kill button was just engaged.  Drove the rest of the way home.  The clutch felt a little loose, and there was some fluid leaking from a small tube from the bottom immediately after the crash.

Driving it around again without a proper check would be unwise

High Power Military Assault Rifles

Some investments went well, picked up some new high power military assault rifles.  Okay, a little tongue in cheek there.  It’s funny when I hear that sort of thing said about AR-15 rifles.

I feel a little like a girl making posts on tumblr about her food or something.

A Model 1895 Mauser, manufactured in Berlin for use in Chile.

Some of the markings on the receiver.  I don’t actually know what the crest means.

A No. 1 Mk. 3 Lee Enfield, marked Lithgow, 1918.  It was actually converted to fire a 410 ball cartridge, made up of what seems to be a .303 case and a ball at the end.

Last is the M39 Mosin Nagant, a Finnish model.  Marked VKT, Valtion Kivaaritehdas, dated 1941.

All of them together-


I used to think Enfields were the only rifle that was really attractive, but my mind’s been changing on that lately.

Nevermind, It’s just started

Every time I work on these gives me new respect for people who actually make GOOD games.  God these take forever for me.  Didn’t bother to put the right sprites yet.

For the past games I re-wrote everything from scratch each time, but this time I’m using the same code as last game.  To make it feel like I’m doing something different, I’m making it side scrolling this time.  It’s not really different but it makes me feel a little better.


Today’s Thoughts

Implement 4 part backdrops: ground, foreground, background, staticground
(In order of movement speed)
[Stage Type]
[ground content|foreground content|background content|static content]

Street + adjacent buildings|buildings behind|mountains + clouds,|crescent moon+stars+sky

Foremost trees|Background trees|rearmost trees|gibbous moon+stars+sky

Wood panel floor + wall (Single element)

Wood panel floor + wall(Single element)

Wood panel floor + railing|(nothing)|mountains+clouds|full moon+stars+sky


Fix Enemy Poses
Have a default pose located at the hip, not the foot

Polygonal bullet?  Alpha Blended?  Additive?

Increase bullet resolution 2x, or convert to 3d model

Allow specification of bullet Z for 3d effect

Don’t make 3d bullet; makes bullet fade much more difficult; just increase resolution+quality

Increase camera angle to increase field of view: 70? 90?

Foreground top and bottom should fade to either black or sky

Begin spell pattern catalog

Hardest Part Done

Rough draft of title screen done

It’s like naming a MMO character

Just stuck at blank figuring out something that won’t look disgusting

Now that I look at this again I still have to adjust…

looks nicer when it moves