Cooking: Baked Salmon

I don't care what you say salmon is the best fish ever

I think I’d be fine if all the protein in my future meals were replaced by a serving of some kind of salmon. I love its fishy taste and the amount of oil in it. Goddamn delicious
All I did was put some seasoning on it, drizzle teriyaki sauce, olive oil, and lemon juice on it, bake it for 30 minutes, then pour chopped scallions on in indiscriminately. Really though, I would have eaten it plain. I’m pretty sure there’s some guy that would tell me that I don’t need to put more oil on it or something. Don’t care, it tastes so good

Cooking: Tortellini Alfredo

Midterms are next week, and I haven’t made much progress in anything outside of school. My code is getting really convoluted, with stopgap solutions all over the place. I’m starting to forget how I arranged everything, and all of the attempts at written outlines are useless because when I started to actually put it in code, I decided to do it differently than how I originally planned.

Anyway, here’s some pasta. I used a recipe from some anonymous internet post as a guideline, and it turned out alright. I’m not sure I want to make this very often though.. I felt fat just making it.

I mean.. I guess that looks done, right?

2 1/2 Cups tortellini
4 Tomatoes (I have no idea what kind.. the long-ish ones, I just pulled them out of the refrigerator)
Some garlic
Some ground black pepper
Some thyme, parsley, basil
A bit of butter
2 cups of milk
3.. ‘things’ of broccoli
1 red bell pepper
Some leftover shredded rotisserie chicken (No one was going to eat that otherwise)
I think that was it..

Steamy, forgot the sticker. Every time...

Just boiled the pasta for 10 minutes, baked the vegetables for 20, put whatever wasn’t pasta or vegetables in a skillet, heated that for 10, then put the pasta and non-vegetables together and poured it over the vegetables. I mean, it didn’t taste fantastic, but it was good.

Admittedly underwhelming taste. It looked really good though.

In closing, I was reading a thread about cooking and OP said,
and some guy was like,
Oh.. oh boy. I wish to become that witty, some day.