Libgdx Progress

Merry Christmas!

After bumbling about trying to get my old project done and ultimately doing nothing I started a new small project using Libgdx, since I want to make at least one game for Android.  It’s a simple Geometry Wars – Asteriods like clone thing.  But Touhou themed; I guess there’s not much of a reason to do that anymore, but I dunno.  I have the assets lying around anyway.Image

I spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to import models into the program.  Libgdx seems lower level and covered by fewer tutorials than JMonkeyEngine, so it’s taking me longer to get used to.


I have a wireframe mockup made right now.  That brown rectangular in the back is supposed to be the half-bloomed tree, and the reddish rectangle along the bottom is the ground.  After clicking to start, the camera turns to point downward to the playing field.



Enemies spawn and shoot bullets, the player moves around and shoots.  The two circles are touch areas; left one controls movement, right one controls shot direction.  Right now, all that changes when time and score increase are the rate of the enemy spawn and the limit on the number of enemies that can be present in the playing field at any given moment.  Some ideas right now that I have floating around are making a single large, more powerful enemy spawn at certain thresholds of score, time, or level; making different spawns that follow different patterns, or shoot in different patterns, and take more than one shot to destroy.  There could also be enemies that travel in clusters, and are controlled by taking each other’s position into account.  That’s all for later though.  I just want to get all of the placeholder models in to replace the wireframes.

What else… was I going to say.  I hope the presence of all these models won’t destroy performance on my phone, but I have a strong feeling that I won’t be able to run it as I plan to.  I’ll probably have to make changes in order to lessen the processing load.  If there was more to say I forgot what it was.