Recent music…

Songs that I liked that either came out recently or I have only recently heard.
Listed as:[CIRCLE] – [ALBUM] – [TRACK]

Pizuya’s Cell – Shooting Star – PHOENIX EYES. I’ve always liked Mokou’s theme, and while the pitch of her voice gets a little high for my tastes, I like the beat and melody. It gives the theme a lively feel.

魂音泉 – ChillNow – きみのゆめをみるよ. I don’t actually like this theme all that much, but the style of the arrangement is nice.

魂音泉 – ChillNow – 愛き夜道. I’ve always liked ランコ, and it’s hard for me to not enjoy a song she sings. Usually I try to avoid male vocals (or male-sounding, at any rate), but I guess this isn’t… terrible. Usually I find male vocals whiny-sounding, but that isn’t a problem here. The lyrics are pleasant as well.

Coro – World’s End Garden – ないものねだり ~Ask for the Moon~. Margatroid’s theme with a jazzy feel. Is this what could be called ‘jazzy’? I don’t actually know music too well. After hearing 愛き夜道 (above), I’ve been looking for songs sung by Tama-chan, and this must have been one of the songs I found.

Also, some songs sung by 舞小峠. Her voice is pleasantly deep, at least compared to what you usually get in this field of music.
K2SOUND – 麗鳴 RAY-MEI – Departure.

C-CLAYS – 灯岸-HIGAN- – Arrival.

C-CLAYS – 煌彩 -KOUSAI- – 愛しキミヲミツケニ.

ランコ is nice too, but not because I think she has a great singing voice. I just like her sound; I like imagining her putting a lot of effort into singing. Or whatever.

豚乙女 – 縁 – 魂極る命の響. Brings me back to all of those deaths on Youmu’s noncards. It came to the point where I knew exactly what to do when they came, and yet I still managed to crash into bullets that weren’t even heading towards me. So, so painful. I think ランコ is best suited to fast-paced songs like this one.

豚乙女 – 縁 – 響縁. I don’t like the melody of the arrangement, but that’s probably because I don’t like [少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle]. I think I just like the vocals.

I won’t pretend SNSD isn’t catchy as hell, I’ve had ‘Oh!’ on loop for a while.